The Zombie

For ‘the Zombie’ collection I wanted the photographs to look realistic, scary, and captivating enough to make you look at the photo even though you do not really want to. I treated this photo shoot like a scene from a horror film, directing my model to use expression together with theatrical/special make up, to bring my photos to life and to be believable to those looking at them. To encourage the expressions and emotion within the model, I tend to put horror type models in character. I also encourage them to think of a type of music in the background which the character they are portraying and giving them a scene to get the model to “become the character”

Horror photography is the type of photography which allows me, to not only bring my photographic skills into it, but also allows me to bring my love for theatre and acting in it too through directing them and pushing them into becoming this scary, horror type of character.


January 2020